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Geffen Academy at UCLA is an inclusive and challenging college-preparatory school for students in grades 6-12 aligned with the science of adolescence.

While with us and beyond, students are encouraged to be questioners, analysts, presenters, active, and creative, collaborative, and engaged young adults who practice their skills, competencies, and relationships with deliberation.

Geffen Academy graduates believe that knowledge is beautiful, transformative, and relevant to one’s life and civic responsibility in a just, free, and global community.

Pursuing Engagement. Finding Balance.

Getting enough sleep, sharing meals and connecting with the people who are important to you, developing active persistence and having a sense of purpose beyond oneself are habits and traits shared by children who go on to have lives with strong interpersonal relationships, professional satisfaction and financial stability. We encourage and support the development of these habits each and every day.

Committed to Adolescent Development

First and foremost, the school day at Geffen Academy will run from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. because research tells us that adolescents’ biological rhythms operate differently from those of children or adults—and students need to get adequate sleep. We also believe that families should be eating and talking together, whenever possible. While it is not widely known, the single factor that National Merit Scholars share is the experience of routinely eating dinner with their families. Given this, Geffen Academy will structure homework in a sensible and effective way.

Our students will learn persistence, grit, and confidence from sticking with activities and interests over time and, in turn, we will seek to help them find a sense of purpose beyond themselves. Whether it’s connecting to the world under a microscope, on the athletics field, or with fellow writers, artists and historians, Geffen Academy will honor students’ interests and connect them to opportunities to engage in the work they love.

Message From The Head of School

The gift of knowing one’s path—where we’ve been and where we want to go—and having the confidence to take the next steps, is what we at the Geffen Academy seek to help your children discover in themselves. And it’s the gift that Mr. Geffen has bestowed upon our community through his generosity and commitment to create Geffen Academy at UCLA. Through hard work in academics, athletics and the arts; a focus on individual identity and growth; and a commitment to the world beyond one’s self, students at the Geffen Academy will experience an educational culture that not only looks forward but leads forward. We will ask your children to reach in to themselves, reach out to make connections and reach on to their futures.

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Our Vision for the Future Begins with Our Students

Geffen Academy encourages students to be creative, collaborative and engaged young adults who question, analyze and practice their skills with deliberation. Through inspired learning in our classrooms, we strive to instill in our graduates the understanding that knowledge is beautiful, transformative and relevant to one’s life and civic responsibility in a just, free and global community.

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A Message From the Chancellor

I am proud that UCLA’s mission of research, teaching and service will be embodied in Geffen Academy. This innovative college preparatory school will offer a world-class education to a diverse population of 6th through 12th grade students from across the greater Los Angeles area as well as the children of UCLA faculty and staff.

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The Power of Partnership: Geffen Academy and UCLA

UCLA is one of the most renowned research universities in the world, a beacon for the best and brightest across the globe. By partnering with UCLA, Geffen Academy students are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the diversity of thought, sense of purpose and boundless optimism that can be experienced on campus.

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We are very excited to introduce you to our Geffen Academy at UCLA campus. Our campus merges form and function, and offers bright and open spaces that encourage students to think, create, and be their best selves.

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Our Team

  • Sibyll Carnochan Catalan


    Head of School

    Prior to joining UCLA, Sibyll created and led a fellowship for outstanding public school teachers and principals from across the country.

  • Michael Albertson


    Music Department Chair

    Michael taught music in New York City public schools for 11 years. He served on the New York State School Music Association Research Committee and Diversity Committee…

  • Lupita Alvarado

    Human Resources Coordinator

    Lupita has worked as a human resources professional for more than 15 years, most recently at UCLA in Campus Human […]


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