Message from the Chancellor

I am proud that UCLA’s mission of research, teaching and service will be embodied in Geffen Academy. This innovative college preparatory school will offer a world-class education to a diverse population of 6th through 12th grade students from across the greater Los Angeles area as well as the children of UCLA faculty and staff. Curriculum and programming, shaped with input from UCLA faculty, will be based on evidence that secondary school students develop to their full potential when they are engaged in solving the critical problems that confront our society.

Geffen Academy students will be exposed to the richness of life and learning at UCLA, from the arts and athletics to the sciences and humanities. Geffen Academy — like the UCLA Community School and UCLA Lab School — will aspire to be a model for 21st century education and allow our campus to participate more deeply in the essential conversation about improving education in Los Angeles and throughout the nation.

This exciting UCLA initiative is being made possible by the extraordinary generosity of David Geffen, who has committed $100 million and shares the university’s dedication to enhance access to high-quality education and prepare a greater number of children for both college and life beyond.

Beginning in October, Geffen Academy will be accepting applications for sixth-, seventh- and ninth-grade students for the 2017–18 academic year. Guided by the core values of curiosity, diversity and initiative, Geffen Academy will assure that both students and teachers reach their potential. And it will put UCLA and Los Angeles at the forefront of changing the course of education. Being open to new ways of teaching is where transformation begins, learning happens and community is built.

Thank you for considering Geffen Academy at UCLA.

– Gene D. Block

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