The Power of Partnership: Geffen Academy and UCLA

UCLA is one of the most renowned research universities in the world, a beacon for the best and brightest across the globe. By partnering with UCLA, Geffen Academy students are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the diversity of thought, sense of purpose and boundless optimism that can be experienced on campus.

Geffen Academy students can take advantage of extraordinary learning opportunities through UCLA. For example, they can participate in UCLA classes, gaining both advanced subject knowledge and insights into what it means to attend a world-class university. This invaluable exposure can help them better understand what they might experience during their college years. Geffen Academy students and families can also choose to attend lectures and seminars by top UCLA faculty. And UCLA students will share their knowledge with Geffen Academy students by acting as teaching assistants in our classrooms. Above all, proximity to campus reinforces a passion for learning and challenges Geffen Academy students to reach beyond themselves.

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