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As a college preparatory school, Geffen Academy offers a range of rigorous traditional, co-curricular and elective courses to meet the academic needs of our students. They receive their foundational education from insightful teachers and are also free to explore new subject areas, pursuing inter-disciplinary and independent academic interests with guidance from experts.

Encouraging Students to Grow

Our educational philosophy, curriculum and policies are influenced by research findings in adolescent psychology, neuroscience and well-being. We believe that balancing the demands of academic accomplishment and development through the adolescent years is essential to student success. That’s why we work with our families to implement attitudes and actions rooted in research that help kids become their best selves—and get ready for life beyond the classroom.

I-Track: A Model for Innovation

At Geffen Academy, we embrace the transformative power of creativity. Research demonstrates that innovation occurs when creativity is nurtured in individuals within the right environment — one in which there is freedom to experiment without fear of mistakes and with a constructive irreverence and playfulness.


Spiraling Up In Science and Math

Science is our body of knowledge about the universe. Math is the language that describes it in a logical manner. The two go hand in hand, which is why we use a spiral approach to teaching math and science at Geffen Academy that allows students to tackle subject areas of growing complexity as their brains and interests mature.

Science Math

Putting Our Humanity Front and Center

The Humanities, aptly named, allow us to examine what it means to be human. At Geffen Academy, our study of history, English, world languages and the visual arts give students the tools to better explore, understand and document the human experience.

History English World Languages Visual Arts

Embracing the Arts

Geffen Academy is built on a foundation of academic and artistic excellence. We believe that being exposed to and immersed in the arts encourages creative thinking, logical reasoning and a greater understanding of one’s own thought processes.

Visual Arts Music Performing Arts

We Teach Wellness for Life.

Adolescence is a time when rapid physical, intellectual, emotional and physiological changes take place and lifestyle choices are firmly established. To help students navigate this critical stage in their development, make healthy choices and increase their understanding of themselves, we have made Wellness a top priority at Geffen Academy.

Our goal is to give students the tools and coping mechanisms to handle the mental and physical challenges that can arise over the course of a lifetime.


Learning Lifelong Fitness

We believe that through our robust physical education (PE) program, Geffen Academy students will be fitter, healthier and more productive citizens. They will miss fewer days of school, be more attentive and focused during their studies, learn to work collaboratively with their peers and function at a higher level in both mind and body.

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Physical Education

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