While searching for the right secondary school for your family, you’ll likely have lots of questions. You’ll find answers below to some of our most frequently asked questions, but we’re also here to answer any questions that aren’t on this list. Just email us at contact@geffenacademy.ucla.edu or give us a call at 310.794.9877.

  • Who can attend?

    Geffen Academy is intended to serve a diverse population of more than 600 students from families of different backgrounds. Up to half of the students will come from UCLA staff and faculty families and the remaining will come from the larger Los Angeles community.

  • When will the school open?

    The school will open in the fall of 2017 for school year 2017-2018 with pioneering 6th, 7th and 9th grade classes totaling approximately 160 students.

  • How do you apply?

    The application process will open for interested families on October 8, 2016.

  • What kind of candidates are you looking for?

    Our students will come to us with a range of backgrounds, experiences, learning styles, characteristics and personalities. We hope our prospective candidates are interested in embodying many of the attributes we value as they move through their secondary school years.

    The Geffen Academy seeks to graduate students who are eager to learn, self-directed, independent, curious and inquisitive, persistent, enthusiastic, resilient and risk-takers. It is also important that Geffen Academy students work well with others, are respectful and kind to others, have an interest in seeing a bigger purpose beyond themselves, and have a willingness to show a commitment to service and social justice.

  • How much will it cost to attend?

    Geffen Academy’s inclusive curriculum tuition (including food, books and material, but not transportation) will be $29,500 for the 2017-18 academic year. One of UCLA’s priorities is to enhance access to high-quality education, so there will be significant need-based financial assistance for low- and middle-income families. UCLA projects that more than 45 percent of students will receive financial support. As a public university, UCLA has an obligation to make education affordable.

  • How can UCLA afford to build and open a high school when tuition is increasing and state support for public universities has declined?

    Geffen Academy will be funded by philanthropic gifts and tuition, and will not use public funds.

  • How will the project affect traffic in Westwood?

    UCLA has studied and is sensitive to potential traffic issues and mitigations. The Kinross Building is not adjacent to any strictly residential areas. Moreover, half of the students will be children of current faculty and staff who already travel to campus. In recent years, UCLA has experienced its lowest traffic levels since record-keeping began more than 20 years ago, in part because of our extensive alternative transportation programs.

  • Will Geffen Academy students have priority for acceptance into UCLA?

    No. UCLA is a public institution and does not offer preference to students from any secondary school.

  • Where will Geffen Academy be located?

    Geffen Academy will be located on Kinross Ave. between Gayley Ave. and Veteran Ave. in Westwood. A new building will open in Fall 2018.

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