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The Geffen Academy at UCLA is currently looking for dedicated and passionate educators for our 2018-2019 school year. Geffen Academy classroom educators approach teaching as an intellectual profession of the highest order, one in which knowledge is not only transmitted but created. Geffen Academy educators possess a sophisticated and reflective understanding of their discipline and a record of achievement which demonstrates their ability to utilize and contribute to the robust connections we have with UCLA, a world-class research institution. Teachers’ innovation is guided by our school’s mission to prioritize proven educational practices while also recognizing that teaching is a complex intellectual endeavor that defies rigid codification. We are committed to a humane working environment and also recognize that teaching goes beyond the life of the mind. Geffen Academy educators seek to create trusting and caring relationships with their students and with their larger community.

Think students should have a chance to bring their own interests into the curriculum — and learn design thinking and social and physical engineering? Apply Here

We need folks who LOVE science and adore middle and high school students. Apply Here

Want to change the course of mathematics instruction in the US? Apply Here

We are looking for engaging and deep-thinking teachers committed to progress for all students. Apply Here

We are looking for a teacher with expertise in the physical elements of wellness, including yoga and beyond. Apply Here

Love working with vocal students and chorale groups? Join us! Apply Here

Ceramics and beyond. We’re moving into a beautiful new building with great light and air. Apply for Dance. Apply for Ceramics/Sculpture.

World Languages
Spanish and Mandarin and cultures of the world! Apply for Mandarin. Apply for Spanish.

The power of the written word, in all its majesty and mystery. And an elective reading program that encourages students to READ FOR PLEASURE. Apply for Middle School. Apply for English Reading.

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